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                                                                                                 Thursday, 21 July 2005


Extracts from the book

(Woodley and Greave)

 By Roy Frost And Ian Simpson

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Early History

Woodley is situated in the north east corner of Cheshire, and lies between the Rivers Goyt and Tame; it is four miles from Stockport, and two miles from Hyde, its nearest town. Before being absorbed into Stockport Metropolitain Bourgh in 1974, it was part of the former Bredbury and Romiley Urban District Council which was established in 1894. Prior to the U.D.C it was governed by a local board under the Local Government Act 1864.

Woodley The Name

The name Woodley has been variously spelt over the years, from Wod(e)ley (legh), to Wodeley, Wodlegh and later to Woodley. It is most likely to be derived from Wudu, a wood; and a legh, meaning a clearing in the wood. At the time of the Roman invasion in 55 B.C., Cheshire was inhabited by the Cornovii tribe. There is also evidence thet during the earlier Bronze age, a tribe lived in the area of Wernerth Low. Recent finds have proved that British tribes lived in this area as early as 500 B.C


The water Fountain in Woodley & St.Marks Church around 1910