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                                                                                Thursday, 21 July 2005


Woodley Continued

After the Norman conquest of 1066 Woodley was part of Werneth ( written as Warnet), and it appears in the Domesday Book of 1086. About this time Woodley belonged to the Lords of Stockport. In the 14th Century Woodley saw a hamlet, and formerly the site of a manor. It belonged to the Ardernes, and was carried by the marriage of Margaret Arderne, the heiress of Peter de Arderne of Aderley, to Richard de weaver.In 1399, Isobel, the widow of their son, Thomas de Wever, had livery of dower to five messuages, and 266 acres of land called Woodleigh in Bredbury. It was afterwards conveyed to sir John de Stanley of Alderley on his marriage with Elizabeth de Wever; this family held it until the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, and then sold it to John de Arderne, Esq., at whose post mortem in 1615, it is described as being in the township of Bredbury. It was then in the tenure of John Leigh to whom it was sold. John Leigh held the land in 1628, and it was still in his possession in 1672. 

   John Lees Buckley about the age of 45 (c1860)

It is the picture of a successful Victorian entrepreneur



 BankField House

 It was built in 1870 for John Lees Buckley