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Thursday, 21 July 2005

My family History goes back along way in the Bredbury Woodley area, back to the 1800's. If anyone can help fill more gaps I would appreciate it very much .

If you have a long family history in the area and would like it on this site please let me know.

I have now run out of space to add anymore of my family history.










































Welcome To My Family History Page, it is dedicated to my dad who died on July 15th 2004.



This Is Stanley Yarwood Born 1921 in Bredbury (Parents Unknown) Granddad, I never Knew him he died around 1946/1947. He went to woodley council school, he also had a brother called John and a sister called Mildred. He joined the RAF in 1941 and was based at Stormydown S.Wales and then transferred to Bridgnorth in 1943, he trained as a gunner, Sadly he died  of a brain Tumour around 1943 - 1945 ? not long after the picture on the left, so we believe when my dad was around 3 or 4 therefore my dad never knew him. If anyone recognises him or knew him please get in touch. We would like to hear anything about him. I have since been able to obtain his RAF records, which state he spent alot of time visiting the doctor and hospital.

Below Stan at Woodley council School.

Do you recognise yourself or anybody above ?

woodley council school 1930





Left is a Picture of my nana with her mates, She is the one in the middle sat on the floor. May Yarwood  (Maiden name Carr) Born in 1920 Hyde. Date of marriage to Stan (above) is unknown She had a son Peter in 1943 (my dad). After her husband Stan died she re-married John Miles Known as Jack who was born in Bredbury 1917. they where Married in 1948 and John adopted my dad hence the surname Miles. Sadly nana died in 1991. Below is Nana's brother's and father.


    Nana's Brother's. Surname Chatterton          Nana's dad he was a policeman

Below are a few pictures of my nana's family. ( The Chatterton's, names unknown)





John Miles Born 1917 in Bredbury. The granddad I knew, he married nana in 1948




As you can see on the right, he was awarded the medals  for services in WW11.

Nana & granddad lived in Gee cross and spent allot of time in the Apethorn pub with there best friends Margaret & Harold Freeman.

 Granddads dad owned a fishmongers shop in Woodley and was known as (fishy) Miles, He was also called John and was named in a book, Woodley & Greave by Ian Simpson ( Who I knew as a child and played with) Sadly Ian has know Past away. Granddad past away in 1993.



Below is a picture of my dad when he was a kid, Born in 1943 and lived in Hyde, When he was older he was in a skiffle band and had a motorbike and of coarse was a Teddy boy.







He lost  allot of friends all in motor cycle accidents.

No one could ask for a better Dad






below is a picture of dad not long before he died in July 15th 2004 of Lung Cancer.



Left Mum as a teenager, Born in 1943

Right is a picture of Dad, Mum, Me and my sister.






Yes, its a picture of me with my wife Christine. Born 1962 . we have two kids Christopher and Anthony.