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 Thursday, 21 July 2005


Comments taken from the recent news letter of Friends of Bredbury rec

Summer is almost here again & we are all  looking forward to the park bursting with energy in the coming months. The new equipment has provided a hit already, & the rec almost sparkles in it's new found popularity.

If you have any any comments please visit the site above or email


If your a local you'll probably already know of our funding success! If not then let me fill you in...

Funding for the skate park was provided by our local council, who after years of neglect finally realised how vital outdoor recreation is. 
The recent addition of an under sevens play area was funded by ONYX a land fill tax scheme. 

The soon to be installed junior play area, fitness trail and teen shelter are funded by the ODPM (Office Of The Deputy Prime Minister), who chose Bredbury as a demonstration project as part of the ‘Green Spaces, Better Places’ campaign. 

We were also fortunate enough to recieve a substancial sum of money as a result of commuted sums from Westbury Homes, who are currently developing land adjacent to the rec, we hope this windfall will fund the provision better football facilities.

Whats New

Anti-Social Behaviour on the increase...
A steep rise in drug use and lack of youth facilities has led many residents to feel their area is becoming more unsafe, for themselves and their children.

Some local residents are considering a new 'youth club' to provide a safe place for their kids to go during weekends and evenings.

Werneth Young Peoples Centre currently opens it's doors to seniors on a Monday evening, leaving them with nowhere to go when it matters.

Could you spare a couple of hours a month to help, do you have an idea for the kind of service they should be providing?

Let us know and we'll pass your information on!


Westbury = Chaos ?
Stockport Road is hectic enough already without the extra work currently being undertaken.

Prior to planning permission being granted Residents raised the issue that a pelican crossing would be more practical if put in place between the Rec and the Crown pub. Yet we now see a pedestrian island instead, with the pelican being installed below the railway bridge, unnecessary and possibly hazardous decision? What do you think?
Let us know!


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