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Gr8mates was started seven years ago (under the name of SNAGS) by a group of parents, who felt that their ‘special needs’ son/daughter had become isolated, as they could not travel independently and therefore were unable to meet up with their own ‘special’ friends during the long school/college holidays.  All teenagers, including those with special needs, need freedom to express themselves, to have fun and most of all be away from their parents.  The parents formed a committee, began fundraising and Werneth Young People’s Centre was approached.  From there the Club has gone from strength to strength.  The Youth Service provides their youngsters with training in understanding young people with special needs.  They also provide youth workers who organise joint activities for all the young people.

Gr8mates fundraises to provide support workers for the special needs youngsters to help them to take part in the activities with and alongside the able bodied youngsters and also to help with their personal care.

Gr8mates only uses the services of young support workers who are qualified and experienced.

Gr8mates is particularly innovative because at our Club teenagers with special needs have the benefit of their own ‘special’ friends around them while at the same time integrating with ordinary able bodied young people.  Our special needs young people take a great pride in the Club and since being involved their self esteem and sense of wellbeing has greatly improved. At our Club no young person feels isolated or different. We organise joint outings in the community.  They all have fun together in a safe and stimulating environment.

Gr8mates day runs from 10.00 am to 3.30 pm on selected dates during the school/college holidays and the charge for year 2006 will be £12.00 per day.  A packed lunch is required.  Extra drinks are provided throughout the day. 

Advance booking is required. For more information or if you wish to be placed on the mailing list, See Contacts page.